Spring, Sprang, Sprong.

If I was a proper fashiony person who waffled on about textures and flowing movement of the hem then I would say that this is an excellent transitional piece to take you from the slight chill of spring into the full glory of summer. Luckily I’m not so I shall say that this dressy top thingy only has a top layer and is therefore awesome for being a complete slut and wearing no pants! Huzzah!


Skin – Curio Pout – PFJ Exclusive 1 Acorn (light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Tragic Eyes (white – No shine) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Ears – Baby Elfen Ears – Cute Bytes – Bit McMillan

Hair – Babydoll2 (chocolate) – Truth – Truth Hawks

Dress/top/tunic thing – Uptown (bisque) – Happy – Alika Luminos

Boots – Western Boots (dark brown) – J’s – JB Gazov (these were previously some sort of hunt freebie thingummy but you can prolly buy them there too)

Pose – Old Fifty Linden Friday pose called M1 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola


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Summer Lovin’, happy at laaaaaaaaaaaaast

Ok, so it’s not particularly summer here in the UK, in fact April is more associated with rain and gloom. But the sun is out and therefore the entire country has gone doolally and people are wearing as little clothing as possible and eating ice cream because FUCK YOU WEATHER.

Speaking personally I don’t really like the whole “Lets go to the supermarket in a bikini” idea (true story, I used to work in a seaside town supermarket and people do lose all sense of decorum when they’re on holiday), much prefering to be more or less covered and still enjoy the sun. Yes, my legs are whiter than something that is very very white but it means I don’t need to shave, spray my legs with nasty smelling hair removal crap or flay my own skin in the name of beauty.

But Second Life is a very very different creature and you can have your legs out ALL YEAR LONG, which is nice. The top is part of an outfit from Bare Rose, which is still going strong and has 20 gazzillion releases a week, if you’re an exceptionally slutty person you can wear the top as a dress but I don’t know anyone who would do something so raunchy *shifty eyes*.


Skin – Curio Pout – Whine 2 Acorn (light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Tragic Eyes (white – No shine) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Hair – Alison (chocolate) – Truth – Truth Hawks

Top – Part of the Mimo outfit – Bare Rose – June Dion

Shorts -Greta Original – Mon Tissu – Anouk Spot

Flip Flops – Patteson Flip Flop (orange) – Reek – Riq Graves

Pose – 034 – Glitterati– Katey Coppola

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Teeny Tiny Foxface!

I’ve been meaning to blog this for bloody ages but I’ve been a fail in SL and a win in RL so it hasn’t got done, however TA DA!! The power of the easter holidays.

Now it may not look like the bestest avatar in the world but this baby wins extra points for being ridiculously tiny. Like, really tiny. See look, here’s me in Truth with my dearest darling face and I only come up to her ankle.

Ok, so maybe that’s her knee. The av comes in a buttload of colours which I can’t be arsed to show as I fell in love with the spotted one on sight, and also male and female parts. It also comes with collar, goggles and a tail wrap thing but as it’s teensy you can’t really mod your own stuff to accessorise it. However, it does work with your normal AO, which is pretty cool as it allows you to be fairly unique if you like that sort of thing. It also weighs in at 700L$ which is really good considering how much stuff you get with it, plus updates and all that good shiz.


SEC Micro fox is made by Thrice Skyward and can be found inworld here and on the Marketplace here

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What’s my alt wearing? Episode 4: EXPELLIARMUS!

OHAI! I actually really wanted to do a post about a penis but what with the last post being my kid av I thought that may be a lil bit unseemly. So welcome to my inbetween penis and kid av post and my 5th and final alt! Technically this is actually more of an original account than an alt (and she holds a rather illustrious 2004 rez date) but as I never play her, she’s an alt and I lovingly refer to her as The Pagester. She spent much of her time looking like a twat until I read Harry Potter, well… I actually read all the HP books in the space of a month and was OMGWTFBBQ excited about Harry Potter and promptly said to myself “OMG I CAN ROLEPLAY HARRY POTTER IN SECOND LIFE SQUEEEEEE” so I made her look sort of teenage and gawky which I kind of love and then… Never set foot in a Harry Potter sim.

You may rather see some sort of pattern emerging here but yes, chronic shyness had overcome me once again and now she just sits there (along with Cherry) taunting me with my lack of roleplaying funs. So that’s nice.


Skin (holy shit it’s not Curio) – Plain Jane Hundreds and Thousands (red brows) – Mynerva – Rhapzody Wilde

Eyes – Summer Wheat (old old hunt freebie) – Poetic Colours – Lano Ling

Hair – Grazia (copper) – Truth – Truth Hawks

Tee Shirt – Down the Shore tee (white) – Surf Co – Emma Gilmour

Shorts – Blue tartan knee shorts – :EmJay: (annoyingly it’s now closed apparently) – Magen Jigsaw

Shoes – PornStar Lo tops – UBU – Coke Dreadlow

Pose 1st pic – Love the way you lie – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop

Pose 2nd pic – Stand 7 – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop

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What’s my alt wearing? Episode 3: Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake OOO BUNNY!

Soo yes, after my ages ago post where I made myself a kid shape cos I bought some costumes I kinda made my alt into a child. Now I would like to say that I used to be completely weirded out by SL kids until I actually spoke to one for an interview and gained a whole bunch of tolerance for them (that said the ones who look 6/7 with dummies in their mouth? Dear god no, it brings out the social worker in me). I then heard about the blog Cosmic Scribbles and thought they were the cutest things ever so I plagurised the crap out of them!

So this is my kid alt Cherry. I really really really want to play her more often but I’m stupidly shy and also extremely flakey so I’d hate to get involved with a family and then never see them for 3 months cos I’m busy getting jiggy on my other alt. So while I look at some people profiles where they have loads of <3333 and XOXOX about their families and I get a bit jealous before I remember that I don’t like the use of symbols for proclaimations of love and then I get a bit stabby (to overide the jealousy of course).


Skin – April Pure 1 (Petal light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix (are we seeing a pattern yet?)

Eyes – Tragic Eyes sky (no shine small) – Curio – Rita Groshomme

Hair – Scarlett (happy blonde) – Fri.day – Parvarti Monday

Dress and wings – Tiny Lyric (flutter) – Evie’s Closet – Evangeline Miles

Shoes – Khuckers flats pastel rainbow – Larnia Kids – Heath Pevensey

Pose 1st pic – Random one from AO – Orucul – daiz Papp

Pose 2nd pic – Vendors 6 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

Sim in first pic – Bentham Isles South


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Ice Skating, for me, is quite bizarrely like swallowing (yes that sort of swallowing). The thought of it terrifies me and when pushed towards the ice with a pair of child mutilating knives strapped to each foot I’m in some sort of ‘OMG SHOULD I??!?!’ mode of panic, but during the event it’s not as bad as you imagine and by the time it’s over you’re quite enjoying yourself.

Ok, I realise that was a REALLY bad simile. I remember when I was 11/12 I was taken ice skating for the first time on a school trip. When we arrived at the rink there was 10 million teenagers whizzing around at 100mph in perfect synchronisation and my friend was helpfully telling me about how her aunt and gone ice skating once and fallen over and someone had skated over her thumb SLICING IT OFF COMPLETELY. Needless to say I was a tad nervy. After 20 minutes of cluthcing the edge of the rink like a drunk clutches a wall on walk home I finally took the courage to let go, and it was the best thing ever and I never looked back. By the time it was time to leave I was fizzing and whoosing around at 100mph with the rest of them. However the next time I went to an ice rink I was shit scared again and this feeling has never gone away.

Anyhoo, with all the exciting ice and snow in the uk at the minute I thought I’d go ice skating in SL in a link that’s slightly less tenuous than the blowjob/ice skating one.


Skin – Cupid Pure 3 (Acorn Light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Tragic Eyes (white, no shine) – Curio – Rita Groshomme

Hair – 22 Brown 04 – YunA’sHAIR – YunA Oompa

Face Tat – Smokey (purple) – Kyoot – Saeya Nyanda

Dress -Call Me Baby (Coal) – Boom – Aranel Ah

Ice Skates -Black Ice Skates – V Store – Stephanie Kazyanenko (Freebie on Marketplace in White, Red and Black)

Pose (for 2nd pic) – Vendors 9 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

1st photo taken on Tie’s sim

AO – Ice Skate AO – KAMI-HITOE – Sala Snook

(Yes, I know you can’t see the AO but I had to blog it cos it’s AWESOME. Here’s a video by creator Sala Snook to prove it)

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What’s My Alt Wearing? Episode 2: Biscuit crumbs in your cleavage

Oh hello again! I still haven’t actually finished that coursework, but I have done another blog post so it sort of evens out. Unless of course the lovely people at Plymouth University don’t see my pretty pictures of hanging out arse to be academic in which case I’m a bit shagged.

Anyhoo, aside from all that, this is another one of my alts who we shall call Biscuit, mostly because she’s all crumbly and NOT because she’s encountered more semen than a custard cream in a boarding school. I should prolly point out this is my dirty sex time alt who is a member of groups with exciting names containing the word slut such as “I AM A SLUT FUCK ME” and “Real Sluts” which more often than not don’t lead to any pixel humping but the group IM’s are rather unintentionally hilarious at times.


Skin – Cupid Pure 3 (Acorn:light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Hair – Jessica 02 (Chestnut) – [69] – Kumii Yoshikawa

Eyes – Tragic eyes (white) – Curio – Rita Groshomme

Face Tat – Smokey (purple) – Kyoot – Saeya Nyanda

Body Tat – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs – Vicky Werefox

Piercings – Gauged – Cobrahive – Chikane Kaligawa

Cleavage Enhancer – Breast enhancer (acorn:light) – Luck Inc – CK Winx

Top – Tied Top (Black) – Luck Inc – CK Winx

Jeans – Liberty Jeans 2nd – Frenzy – Shawty Neox

Boots – Shin Boots – League – Nena Janus

Pose 1 – Stand3 – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop

Pose 2 – o82 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

Pose 3 – Tiramisu 3 – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop