Damn, that title has got Notorious by Duran Duran in my head now, although to be fair, it’s a good song and I could have had ‘Insania’ instead *shivers*. Lucky escape there.

So yes, new blog, I felt like a change, something to amuse me for a few days and then become the proverbial albatross around my neck.

Anyhoo, all the stuffs in this shop are from Discord. Normally I don’t like to just slap on an outfit and have done with, but I’m lazy and they look good on their own. First off we have some fantasy esque gear. Maybe it’s world of warcraft infesting my brain but I does like a bit of epicness about my clothing.

Then you have some more sort of casual/steampunk/gothic/whatever category you care to shove it in for the sake of maintaining your genre de jour. Me, I reckon it’s proper 70s stuff. Not the sort of random crap platforms glam rock bollocks, or hippy stuff that claims to be from the 70s. More the sort of stuff that people actually wore.

Of course I was residing in a testicle in the 70s and have no clue whether this is all true….

Oh and I forgot to mention… Go to this shop cos everything is fucking cheap and at some point they may notice and put the prices up!

That is all.


  1. #1 by Tiernan Serpentine on February 22, 2009 - 10:25 pm

    Huzzah for new bloggery! And also for obscure/little known shops selling awesome shit!

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