There’s a snuggly little tale behind my purchase of this av. It comes from the days of my youth (before we all got disillusioned by sex and work and all that adult crud) and I used to read a series of books by Robin Jarvis called The Deptford Mice.

These books were kind of gruesome for a kids book, with lots of sweet little mousies (and less sweet rats) biting the big one in increasing horrific ways. They also spawned a series of histories, stories of the various lore involved in the world of the mices. One of these books was The Oaken Throne, it told of the long and bloody war between the squirrels and the bats, and the attempts of one squirrel maiden and a bat to right the wrongs of their ancestors bring the two factions together to defeat the evil menace of the Hobbers.

Anyhoo, the bat was called Vespertilio and I fell hopelessly in love with him (do NOT laugh) and ever since I’ve had an undying passion for all things batty (except for Val Kilmer as Batman, blonde batman? No.) which cleverly leads me up to the av.

It’s not ‘strictly’ a bat, it’s a Thel, but it looks very batty and that was what I like. The sculpty work is insane and it all goes together beautifully although you have to wear the shape provided lest you wish to look like a bull dog, although it’s mod and copy soo you can poke at the rest of it if you like.

See? It’s so foxy and sexy, it’s not hugely expensive (for an avatar, it romps in at L$1200) and you’ve got many many colours to choose from. My own bone of contention is the minge and nips. Strange I know coming from me, but I prefer my furryness to be PG. You can pay an extra L$75 for a PG skin although the creator may have buggered off to outer mongolia *cries*

Chimaeric Creations

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