Heroic Mode

What with Willis taking the WHOLE BLOODY ALPHABET in her admittedly awesome Alphabet Smackdown. I thought, what possible way could I make my blogging easier to digest without having to pick my way through the vast unpleasantness that is my brain, or getting my tits out.

And then I found the Random Word Generator. Easy peasy Lionel Squeezy. All I have to do is get a word and do an outfit. Woot for me and random words.

Anyhoo, todays word was HERO.

There were many many options and ideas for this word, Guitar Hero (rock chick), anything from the film Hero, some sort of boring super heroine thing and Hero’s from history (Tie’s suggestion, although didn’t include He-Man, despite him being a historic symbol of heroism) and of course I went for the boring one. Go me.

Although it’s not that boring, oh no, go and ask any member of the Super Heroines in Peril group. Lycra clad, all powerful women, squirming gently in their tight restraints.. Mmmm… *coughs*.

Actually I used to have a proper addiction to bondage pictures of the X-Men Comics. Particularly Rogue, why they made her a complete wuss in the film is beyond me.

The boots are Redgrave

Leotard from Tomby’s Headquarters

Skin is Laura Leandros, you’ll have to IM her and offer kitkats/angry words to get her to RELEASE THEM though.

Hair from ETD, may or may not be open, prolly not. But I’m sure you’ll know when it is.


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