The History Of Kitty

Tie and I were on some sort of nostalgia bender the other day. This is nothing new in itself, but it finally pushed me (over the edge) to doing this post which I’ve wanted to do for some time.

I’ve been lurking on the grid since 06, although I had a brief stint of lurking in 04, and stuff has changed. Things that were fantabulous and awesome in 06 and 07 now look hugely dated. Clothes, skins and hair have all changed in so many ways, sometimes due to new developments in SL itself (flexis and sculpties ftw) and sometime because someone has pushed the bar up.

With all these changes it would have been silly to leave my av stuck in the days of yore, and it’s shape has changed along with everything else. So I thought I’d do a cringemaking look at my av through the mists of time.

These is pretty much all the faces I have, some shapes got overwritten and so forth, but here you is. The first face I thought was pretty, now it just looks deeply retarded with inbred eyes. I was doing to whole anime eye thing where you have mahousive eyes and a lolly pop head.That was fun, although all my hair fit which was nice. The skin I’m wearing is the Celestial Studios/Last Call Deviant nation skin. Which I lived in. ALL THE TIME. It had major eyeliner/black eyeshadow that I still adore, oh yes.  Then I decided to get some slinkier eyes, they’re still massive though, and moved onto other CS skins. I’ve bought more CS skins than any other skin maker and I still love them even though there is no new ones *cries*.

Moving on, then came the time of my BIG change. Having poked fun at Tie for having a pin head I decided to thief her shape, write down all the sliders for my body and put them on, tweaking the face obviously, and ending up with my own pin head. I was particularly proud of myself and named the shape Tiety.

I still had big ole eyes though, and a penchant for cake skins like the one I was wearing. I still had issues with the shape though, pointy horse chin being the worst but I was stuck for how to improve. Then one day, whilst shopping in Runo Runo, I saw the most awesome av on one of her boxes. Which finally pushed me to get out of my big eye stage. Making my face rounder and eliminating horse chin in the process.

Above is me, slightly tweaked and wearing a Free Speerit skin. There’s things I’m not happy with (overlong upper lip thinger) but I love it for the time being and it’s how I’m going to stay.

Oh…. Quick bonus picture…. Below is me in 2004, I was a slut… Some things never change!

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