Beep Beep!

So, you go to a shop and everyone is there trying to outdo each other with clothes/bling/retarded gestures/tits and what is a girl to do to get some attention? Simple, just shout “can NE1 giv me 10lindens plz”. Or… you can get yourself some funky accessories that double as transport, which is better although won’t net you any free moolah.

Tie and I have built up quite the collection of vehicular attachments over the years, and although we don’t use them quite so often as we should, they’re a lot of fun to break out the funk and irritate the world at large, oh yes.

In the first picture we have a lovely lil bikey bike. Complete with stablisers for those not so sure of their cycling legs it comes from Slingray. Annoyingly Tie got hers from a lucky chair, the cheap slag that she is. Next is the Comfort Ride 2000 made by Rosalind Wrigglesworth, it’s mod and I customised it a bit by adding the flag of St Pirans cos I’m proud of my pasty munching, inbreeding, cider guzzling heritage. The lil monkey bike is actually called a Monchy bike, and the instructions are confuddling, also it only appears if you’re in run mode so you go very quickly, but it does make a nice pootley noise.

Next up is the wheelchair from RC Cluster, comes with an AO and leg cast and it is absurdly sexy. Also comes in every colour of the rainbow and a few that aren’t. Finally it’s my delightful wifey again on her Old Timer Mobile (rave edition) this thing not only has a basket but plays eclectic CHOOOOOONS over and over thus annoying EVERYONE and making it the most fantastical thing on this post! Huzzah!

Bikey Bike – Slingray

Comfort Ride 2000 (You’re gonna have to search for the bird, cos I have NO CLUE if the shop is still there)

Monchy Bike – Good luck if this works

Wheelchair – RC Cluster

Raver tinger – Salsa – Pointless Necessities

  1. #1 by Tiernan Serpentine on May 20, 2009 - 10:54 am

    *drives around Kitty in circles for many hours playing banging tunes and dribbling*

    Don’t be jealous of my lucky chair pwning, you’ll get a K one day!

    Oh and ossm post and piccies!

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