Cyber Bunker (and not THAT sort of cyber I’m afraid)

I went to cyber bunker yonks ago when I was on some sort of cyber slut sci fi kick, but hadn’t been back recently until today when I espied someone in funky boots and found the store was located in cyber bunker. I then had to purchase twenty gazzilionty lindens so I could buy stuff.

Even if you don’t have that much money you should go anyway cos the whole place is some level of awesome. Although it’s seems to be made entirely of sculpties, so when you get there set your draw up and sod off for a cup of tea/crossword/gentle stroll/wank or all of the above and come back when it’s all rezzed. It IS worth it though, I even shoved some snaps of it at the end cos it’s all pretty.

Anyhoo, clothes. Yes there are many many things to buy there. Some good, some not so good and some that induce an early onset of incontinence.

As you can see the wifey assisted me by creating a clever bra from egg boxes and sticky back plastic (she is available for childrens parties btw), and some sort of exciting hairstyle that I nearly bought but left it for Tie who likes things like that much much more. I’m wearing some sort of exciting thief in silks outfit which has a SMURF HAT! What more could you ask for.

I had to buy the above armor set from a shop with a name of some sorts… I saw it, and ummed and arrred but decided against it, but then (in an advert for hair) I saw it and realised it had big clippy things. Ok, so I’m  a freak but how cool are they, the ones peeking out from under the shoulder pads are so full of sex and win that you should all NOT buy them so I can be unique and fantastically sexy. The outfit also came with boots, knee pads and a skirt. Oh and some hand things.. The hand things were cool as was the skirt although all prim skirts make me cry (I can’t keep my thighs together, don’t be perverse) but the shoe/boot things were a bit of a let down and don’t really go with the rest of it, but hey, you might like them and it’s not as if you have a choice right?

MOST of the stuff is from various shops in cyber bunker such as Traum, Paradox, Oralune, Alpha. Some things aren’t because Tie is NAUGHTY. Specifically Tie’s shorts, tighty things and boots which are from Pixeldolls, Bijou and Blue Galaxy respectively.

Here is a WILLIS TAXI to take you to the goodies (so you can totally blame her if it takes you the ‘scenic’ route and then charges you 50 quid)

Cyber Bunker

After the cut, if you get one is some random snapshots.

That’s not the shadow viewer on that picture, just to clarify, that is the actual texture.

Torleys Windlight Settings FTW!

HEWWO! (no penis sadly, I did check)

  1. #1 by paypabak on July 7, 2009 - 8:52 pm

    Cyber Bunker is a great place and we were supposed to keep it a sekrit, so now you have to dye!

  2. #2 by Peter Stindberg on July 9, 2009 - 12:02 pm

    I discovered the place some 6-8 weeks ago, and while it takes forever to rez, it’s damn amazing. I love the Oralune stuff and bought loads of it, but everything else is pretty amazing too.

    And I’m sure a dick to the battle-droid can be fixed. How do you like it? Large? Spiky? With pistons?

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