When you absolutely have to outslut every mofo in the room

I have a curious fascination with clothes in SL which don’t look like they’d actually work in RL, and these trousers are a good example. How are they staying up? I mean really… Unless the safety pins are going through my legs, I dunno. Anyhoo, they are ridiculously slutty, and I like slutty. They’re low cut in places, uncut (fnar) in others, they also have prim bits too, and are nicely made thus getting a thumbs up. Lots of styles yadda yadda and YAY for flags on the legs, not just brit flags, there’s an american and a canadian one and I think an Aussie one too, so you can all be patriotic and proud of your country whilst showing a lil bit of minge and arse, fantastic.


Trews from Fuk’n’hawt

Top from Luck Inc

Hair from Gritty Kitty

Boots from Redgrave

Poses from Ana Lu, Animah/Persona and someone else who I apologise to unreservedly

  1. #1 by paypabak on July 24, 2009 - 7:22 pm

    One of my favorite dresses is like that … not slutty … but it can only be possible in RL if worn with a lot of glue used strategically in places I wouldn’t want glue to be! Doesn’t stop me from wearing it!

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