Teeny Weeny

Nope, not a reference to the problem of an under endowed chappy. But to tiny avatars. Now you’d think with my avatar fetish I’d have a fair few of these, but nope. Tiny avs are not my ting baby. You can’t really attach penii to them, most poses don’t work and you get trod on by the amazonian women that lollop around the grid.

Anyhoo, while perusing SLex I found these lil delights which are not only cute (yeah, I used the word cute, go me) but also stupidly cheap, huzzah!

SEE! LOOK AT THE CUTENESS. Okay, to an ardent tramp slut beast like myself this could be a bit icky, but I’m bleeding and hormonal so everything is allowed. The otter (cute thing on left) is slightly more expensive than the chipmunk (which was only 60L$) but as nothing is more than 300L$ it really doesn’t matter. And there are a variety of outfits but I’m particularly fond of the Emmerdale look.

You also get the NAKED one free with the clothed one, here’s some small animal nudity for your thursday.

Well I need a cold shower now (unsure)

Also by the same person is mermaid statues, these things are frightningly cool. Looking more like avs than statues.

The statues cost somewhere in the region of 500L$ but you can get a shoulder mermaid for 50L$, there’s a variety of colours in the lucky dip thinger.


Take me to the mermaids

Take me to the CUTE

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