New Boots WIN!

Me and the wifey face were picking things from shops in order to get CSR cards (not cos we wanted them or anything) when wifey is as slow as a cabbage failed to leave a shop in a prompt manner and so I left her there like a numpty. I was soon hoisted by my own pertard when the shop (Anuenue) put out a random vending machine filled with BOOTS! With lovely patchworkness and general too big cuteness and not only that but until the 5th of January the boots are L$60 a dip. Now it is random (I got 3 oranges -.-) there are two types and 6 colours of each (including 2 secret ones) but the boots are copy so you can just pass them out to friends and look like an angel of generosity and christmas spirit whilst actually feeding some sort of terrible and debilitating gambling addiction… WIN!

Nb: You could of course swap them with people but that won’t make you look good will it now?

Taxi to Anuenue

  1. #1 by Ana Lutetia on December 27, 2009 - 7:46 pm

    Aah! Thanks, girl! <333
    Went and grab a few. Well, grabbed a lot of them. I have a spare ORANGE and GREEN in the Patchwork knits boots.

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