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I dunno why I do this anymore (actually on this occasion it’s because it’s 2am and I have insomnia, but aside from all that) I think in all honesty it’s 20% LOOK at all the funky stuff and 80% LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE!! Anyhoo, I keep getting annoyed with blogs that show outfits made up of many tiny bits of other outfits. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GOOD thing and much nicer than ‘look new boots, yay’ (please add appropriate shifty face thinger here) . Buuuuuut I see something in one of this cat lady wearing many layers ensemble and run to the shop, purchase, put on and oh wow, it looks like a bag of old shite, I’m so happy I spent the yearly budget of a small east european country on it, woo.

So in my infinite wisdom (did I mention it’s 2am?) I decided to make an outfit up and took a picture of all the little parts so you can all go “That’s fantastic but it looks exactly the same as it does in the big picture you stupid bint”. (nb, the picture is pretty massive but you may need to click through to it to realise and appreciate, ta)

So where does all this wonderful stuff come from I hear you cry, well I shall tell you, and I shall also tell you in this paragraph so you have to actually read something and not just jab at the SLurls *cackles*. The grey top and red jacket are from Sey, I want to eat the jacket, really I do, it’s like sex only better and with less stainage, complicated morning issues and potential for appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show 6 months down the line. It’s that good. The grey top is an ooooold thing and has a hood but that wouldn’t have looked nice in leaving it on, also would have meant attachment magicary  that I cannot pull off. The jeans are from LikeA, and annoyingly are a style of jeans I laughed at in RL ages ago, so that’s my hypocrisy of the day over.

The tee shirt says “I’m what Willis was talking about” which I bought so I could feel like Willis is talking about me all day long when really she is talking about the price of marmite and the rarity of certain types of cakes, but anyhoo, the shirt is from Fishy Strawberry. The shoes are from UBU which makes me think of Star Trek and has no other anecdote attached, the socks are from Canimal and are also ages old but very very funky and Canimal should make more things because she hasn’t for ages or has and I haven’t noticed (quite likely, I’m loyal but ignorant). The hair is Gritty Kitty, I love Gritty Kitty for hair, it’s quite possibly the most overlooked gem in the hair world. Skin is boringly from Curio like everybody elses.

I would mention poses but that would mean going into my posing stand which is a Very Bad Thing so I shan’t. They are very very lovely poses though (one is from LAP I remember, you go shop there now).



Fishy Strawberry




Gritty Kitty

Curio (really you need to know?)

  1. #1 by Willis on December 29, 2009 - 9:07 am

    You *are* what Willis is talkin’ about!

    Fo rizzle.

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