I like big fly eyes!

I have an overwhelming weakness for mahoussive sunnies in RL. Nothing crazy and covered in diamonds, instead think more Jackie O and you’ve got what I want. It’s kind of hard to get this in SL cos I have a stupidly small head and normally end up looking like a fly, or worse (Bono).

And then I found YV, I dunno how, most likely I inspected some poor bugger whilst they were out shopping, but the fact is they have giant sunnies so yay.

I do have one small gripe about YV, and that’s their use of Renderosity in the vendors, which is A: Annoying. B: Makes me think they’re going to be a big steaming pile of poo in SL. Cleverly they’re not the latter. They also do gloves, sexy leather gloves with prim bits that make me horny in the same way that Arnold’s leather creaking in the Terminator did (Please note, I do not fancy Arnold in anyway, it was just the leather that gave me a wide on, not him. Reece/Micheal Biehn on the other hand….).


Glasses and Gloves: YV

Top: Atomic

Jeans: Luck inc (I still call it shit luck cos swearing is big and clever regardless of what people might tell you)

Booties: Redgrave (the bikery ones minus the top bit)

Necklace thinger: LacieCakes

Hair: Exile

Skin: Curio

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