Space Fox!

Normally, I would waffle on cheerfully about what exciting mishap occured to inspire such an outfit, buuuuut I figured that’s kind of boring so I’ve left it this time.

No, really… Not a good excuse? FINE! I was playing a dirty little hentai porn fucking game and thought the character looked really nice, are you happy now?

Tut, anyway, all that aside I have spent my morning ravaging my eclectic collection of avatars in order to come up with something unrealistic but very very sexy (if you’re me, which you’re not), and I ended up with…..

Ta da! I totally put her in her own folder called Slut Fox, and this is slut foxes Space outfit (for when she flies off to battle the over endowed lizard monsters). One thing you’ll notice is the prim tits. Now I’m going out on a limb here but I think, done correctly, prim tits can look awesome. Sadly most wearers of prim tits don’t look awesome, but there are a few out there (not that I’m actively searching or anything) who make this shit look good. Also, lets face it, your slider tits don’t really allow for pneumatic bazongas that will jut proudly from your chest like a chin does from a super heroes face, so prim tits = Fuck yeah.

Against my better judgement and previously mentioned lazyness I’m going to add a slurl list. I do not recommend you run out and buy all this stuff cos it’s a proper mish mash and will prolly cost you somewhere in the region of 4k, but you weren’t going to do that anyway so it’s fine!

Boots and gloves: Blue Galaxy

Transparent latex bodysuit and thong th-thong thong thong: Graves

Latex top (Which comes with the Michael Bewblies in a variety of colours): Eclectic Randomness

Hair: Gritty Kitty

Face: part of the ring tail lemur thinger avatar from Curious Inc

Ears: part of the white fox avatar from Aventity

Tail: Part of Bat avatar from Mutation Industries

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