Crazy and batty and all things inbetween

Of the many many many little expressions and words I’ve come across from Second Life blogs and so forth, batshit crazy has to be my favourite. It has a profanity, it’s quite insulting, it’s funny, short and sharp and rolls off the tongue nicely. Anyhoo, today I decided to take batshit crazy literally and so….

Voila! I’m a stupidly huge fan of slightly dubious anime and one of my recent faves is the Angel Blade series. In which one of the nasty shemale demon thingies has wings on her head (told you it was dubious). Now I like wings on heads, so I went off on a mission to find some however no one else seems to like them except obscure japanese creators (which kinda figures really) so to everyone else, WINGS ON HEAD PLZKTHX. Now I realise these aren’t the nicest textured wings I could have found, but they’re prim and funky and very very cute (even though I was after feathery wings). They also come with arse wings, which are almost as cool as head wings. I think there’s a whole unexplored realm of wing/bodypart combinations out there.

I can’t remember the exact point I thought “Hey! I must team these fetching head wings with a STRAIGHTJACKET!” but this is how it goes I’m afraid. The straightjacket is oodles of sexy. I mean really, just have a look at all these buckles and straps on the back!

It’s made by KDC who has existed since the dawn of time but not done anything for ages (not needing to really having created the nicest ponygirl gear several years ago and only more recently having had others make stuff that comes to the same standards). Now I can’t stress enough that this is a sex toy type item of clothing designed to go with restrained life viewer. However it does have the option of allowing nobody access so you can stumble around without having someone take advantage of you.. You boring boring people.


Institutional Straitjacket – KDC

Head Wings! – FlugeIn

Jeans – Oyakin

Shoes – Celestial Studio

Hair – Kin

Skin and eyes – Curio

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