Sheep! ZOMG sheep!

I was a bit bored and so I decided to see what sims are a lurking near our sim and tp to a few of them and see what shizzle was going down, after a few empty spaces and bling shops *shudders* I located a weird christmas mall thing full of, to be fair, shite, but LO! There was a rather funky shop nestling in amongst the crap going by the name of Dogtooth Violet. Whilst impatiently waiting to rez I saw the murky beginnings of a sheepy type costume “ZOMG SHEEP!” I yelled (ever prone to dramatic fits I am) and then “ZOMG 50L$ SHEEP” and I bought it, then I noticed a kangeroo one and an Alice in Wonderland rabbit. So I obviously went into a purchasing frenzy and skipped home to try on my lovely new stuffs.

Then I hit a snag, the costumes were meant for child avatars. I’ve never had any interest in having a kid av, but now I had things that I could not wear because I was lacking is such a thing so…..

Yeah, I made one! It’s not easy to make and even harder to skin *snicker*. Which is why I look like scary pageant child but never mind! The costumes look funky on even if some of the textures are a bit wtf. Oh and have you ever tried to find a pose for a short ass avatar covered in big fat prims? No? Well don’t. Seriously.

Slurl: Dogtooth Violet

  1. #1 by Rosie Shark on March 2, 2010 - 10:05 pm

    LOL ! you are an awesome pageant child and I’ll be your over-zealous, living through her child mom anyday! Sooo cute!

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