Rude Angel

Yes it’s another ‘oh noes, sex clothes’ post so feel free to completely ignore it!

I’ve loved GiMa designs for a very long time. They have lots of clothing that can be ripped, pulled, tugged or torn off a person so it’s a good excuse to be naked and therefore right up my virtual alley. The latest creation is this Angel dress. When I saw it in the notecard I said WANT and had to borrow money from Tie to procure it (Tie loves lending me money which I never give back, strange but true). While it doesn’t have as many options as some other Gima outfits, no poses or any fancy pants malarky like that, it’s got a lovely simplicity which is the sort of sexy I love. I dunno, makes you delicate and vulnerable and although it is emphatically slutty it isn’t. If you know what I mean unless you’ve stopped reading by now….

Anyhoo, this is what happens when I try and write a proper wordy type post innit!

Oh, one little thing it does have, is the top comes in three styles for the type of boobage you have, it doesn’t say specifically but I believe the styles are normal, saggy and chin rests. While nothing major I do think it’s a nice little touch and totally helps with fitting.


Dress – Angel dress – GiMa Designs

Shoes – Classic pumps – Marshmallow – Juicy

Hair – Cameron – Happy Blonde – Fri.Day

Skin – April – Petal (light) – Iris 1 – Curio

Eyes – Tragic Eyes – White (no shine) – Curio

Butterfly Bracelet (which I totally forgot to wear for all but one of the pictures) is from god knows where but was created by Anjo Mirabeau

  1. #1 by JeanGenie Jewell on June 27, 2010 - 1:12 pm

    omg want it

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