Newbie Style Challenge

Soooooo Gogo set up a challenge/meme/thingummy and most of the time with these challenges the challenge is being bothered to do said challenge. However I’ve been some sort of freebie hunter on an (other) alt so I knew where shit was going down. I’m using my very old old alt (my original 04 account) who while she has a lot of stuff most of it is utterly crap or stuff I don’t like. All the stuff I got for this challenge I got yesterday and I didn’t spend any money.

The first thing you will notice is that I’m a furry, this is not me being lazy, oh no, but rather I figured with the time frame and all it was going to be 20 gazillion people wearing either Imabee or Lelutka cos they both have verrrry nice freebies out. So I said “Nowai” and went to Curious to pick up the above av which I believe has been free for the last 6 months or even longer.

Anyhoo I shall now feel all proud of myself cos I actually did a challenge! Go me!


Avatar – Uchi Cat Felis – Curious Inc – Uchi Desmoulins

Top – 7 Days in Sunny June – ~eha~ Group Gift (at the store with the tag) – Xanthous Amaterasu

Jeans – Low.Rise jeans (midnight) – Fri.Day (part of the Good Shit Hunt) – Darling Monday

Hair – Middle Part Bob (white) – From the library – Truth Hawks


Picture 1: K**stand_free11 – MNK*SHOP free gift – kaneyan Nicholls

Picture 2: Laptop – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

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