Plurky Blogger: Gone But Not Forgotten

This weeks theme was shops that are no longer in SL. There’s been a lot of big names leave SL for various reasons over the years. Some have come back in a different form, and some sadly will never come back. I rootled through my invy for ages looking for all the little ‘cool’ small shops, that I miss because often they left after a very short space of time and I miss not only their products, but the stuff they might have done.

From top to bottom:

Hair – Foam – Foam was a truely awesome shop whose creators were removed from the Main Grid for being underage. I don’t know if they’re back on the main grid yet but I really can’t wait to see them again!

Skin – Free Speerit – FS disappeared before and came back again so I’m hoping this is only a small hiatus.

Eye’s – Ozone – Ok, I admit I copped out with the eyes, cos I’ve never really worn them but they were in my invy and the shop was gone so woo.

Cardigan – Frustration Inc – I really really liked Finc for their bold colours and funky stuff, they were a bit like Ducknipple back in the day before it got all exciting.

Tank – Wintermoon – Arbel Vogel is one of the ones who’ve sort of reincarnated. She’s the owner of Fringe now, but I still love these old tanks she did!

Jeans – *FN* – These are actually capri’s with prim bits and I have no idea what the store was called other than the name that was on the folder.

Boots and Bag – Komeko/[NoLabel] – This shop was amazing, but after renaming the creator left. I properly regret not buying more colours of the boots

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