I ♥ Anime

I do, it’s true. When I saw this avatar, yes I should probably point out this IS an avatar. I wore the damn thing and I’m still confused by the photos. Anyhoo, when I saw it in The Dark Side Store I sort of fell in love, but I was absolutely terrified that it would be crap. For a start it looks like a 2D drawing especially on the box and I had no idea how that would work inworld but I eventually (after 5 minutes) plucked up the courage and bought it and holy crap on a weasel it’s bloody amazing. It’s awesome in the true meaning of the word. When you walk around it’s like a whole new SL and bugger me sideways it makes me hella happy.

As you can see the whole thing is cell shaded (something which I understand how to do in SL but still makes me go ‘woah’ everytime I see it, maybe I’m a bit simple) and it really works, and everything that you can see is prim, not one single part is avatar. Sometimes the hair is a bit unhappy with poses and the hands look a bit hmmmm on occasion but for the majority of the time it flows perfectly and is a work of art.


I looked at my pictures and decided they didn’t really do any justice to the avatar so I did a video too!



MARI AVATAR EVA 05 – The Dark Side Store – Jennyfer Ultsch


Movement 2 – Reel Expression – Luth Brodie

Vain 08 – Torrid Midnight (No inworld store but her stuff is super cheap on Marketplace

Sitting in a Z – [ANIMAH] (Now PERSONA I think) – Myllie Writer

Pose 049 – [Miseria] – Athena Loring

Sim in First Picture:


  1. #1 by Lo on November 2, 2010 - 4:46 am

    Wow! That’s really amazing. The possibilities presented by this avatar are pretty cool.

  1. Cel-shaded anime/manga-style avatars - SLUniverse Forums

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