What’s My Alt Wearing? Episode 1: Are mah balls showing?

Oh hello there! I’m meant to be writing a 1500 word report on counselling skills. But I’m not, instead I made a blog post, creative procrastination ftw.

So yes, this is my pretty boy, I want to be a man sometimes so hard it hurts. I want to pee up walls, and insert my penis into stuff and generally lark around in a manly way, so I made a man alt (actually I made him in 06 but he got a bit of a makeover recently), and because I’m so monumentally bored of Kitty I decided to start off a little series of blogging all my alts!


Skin – Ethan Tone 2 (shaved) – Sacred – Wavie Haller

Hair – Kar Dark Ash Brown – [Ego] – Ego Shuffle

Eyes – Rigor Mortis Eyes – Repulse – Max Lexigle

Face Tat – OMFG I MADE SOMETHING – Mah Non existent shop – ME!!!

Body Tat – Apocalypse – Para Designs – Vicky Werefox

Piercings – Reach – HoD – Aydan Darcy

Necklace – Edokin – :Sey: – risey Arai

Jacket – Buttoned Hoodie – :Sey: – risey Arai

Jeans – Low cut jeans torned (black) – Luck Inc – CK Winx

Boots – Long Combat Boots – Tonktastic – Tonk Tomcat

Pose (pic 1) – dz188 – Orucul – Daiz Papp

Pose (pic 2) – Pearls 3 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola


  1. #1 by Corina Carlberg on November 27, 2010 - 2:22 pm

    He’s sexy 😛

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