Ice Skating, for me, is quite bizarrely like swallowing (yes that sort of swallowing). The thought of it terrifies me and when pushed towards the ice with a pair of child mutilating knives strapped to each foot I’m in some sort of ‘OMG SHOULD I??!?!’ mode of panic, but during the event it’s not as bad as you imagine and by the time it’s over you’re quite enjoying yourself.

Ok, I realise that was a REALLY bad simile. I remember when I was 11/12 I was taken ice skating for the first time on a school trip. When we arrived at the rink there was 10 million teenagers whizzing around at 100mph in perfect synchronisation and my friend was helpfully telling me about how her aunt and gone ice skating once and fallen over and someone had skated over her thumb SLICING IT OFF COMPLETELY. Needless to say I was a tad nervy. After 20 minutes of cluthcing the edge of the rink like a drunk clutches a wall on walk home I finally took the courage to let go, and it was the best thing ever and I never looked back. By the time it was time to leave I was fizzing and whoosing around at 100mph with the rest of them. However the next time I went to an ice rink I was shit scared again and this feeling has never gone away.

Anyhoo, with all the exciting ice and snow in the uk at the minute I thought I’d go ice skating in SL in a link that’s slightly less tenuous than the blowjob/ice skating one.


Skin – Cupid Pure 3 (Acorn Light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Tragic Eyes (white, no shine) – Curio – Rita Groshomme

Hair – 22 Brown 04 – YunA’sHAIR – YunA Oompa

Face Tat – Smokey (purple) – Kyoot – Saeya Nyanda

Dress -Call Me Baby (Coal) – Boom – Aranel Ah

Ice Skates -Black Ice Skates – V Store – Stephanie Kazyanenko (Freebie on Marketplace in White, Red and Black)

Pose (for 2nd pic) – Vendors 9 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

1st photo taken on Tie’s sim

AO – Ice Skate AO – KAMI-HITOE – Sala Snook

(Yes, I know you can’t see the AO but I had to blog it cos it’s AWESOME. Here’s a video by creator Sala Snook to prove it)

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