What’s my alt wearing? Episode 3: Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake OOO BUNNY!

Soo yes, after my ages ago post where I made myself a kid shape cos I bought some costumes I kinda made my alt into a child. Now I would like to say that I used to be completely weirded out by SL kids until I actually spoke to one for an interview and gained a whole bunch of tolerance for them (that said the ones who look 6/7 with dummies in their mouth? Dear god no, it brings out the social worker in me). I then heard about the blog Cosmic Scribbles and thought they were the cutest things ever so I plagurised the crap out of them!

So this is my kid alt Cherry. I really really really want to play her more often but I’m stupidly shy and also extremely flakey so I’d hate to get involved with a family and then never see them for 3 months cos I’m busy getting jiggy on my other alt. So while I look at some people profiles where they have loads of <3333 and XOXOX about their families and I get a bit jealous before I remember that I don’t like the use of symbols for proclaimations of love and then I get a bit stabby (to overide the jealousy of course).


Skin – April Pure 1 (Petal light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix (are we seeing a pattern yet?)

Eyes – Tragic Eyes sky (no shine small) – Curio – Rita Groshomme

Hair – Scarlett (happy blonde) – Fri.day – Parvarti Monday

Dress and wings – Tiny Lyric (flutter) – Evie’s Closet – Evangeline Miles

Shoes – Khuckers flats pastel rainbow – Larnia Kids – Heath Pevensey

Pose 1st pic – Random one from AO – Orucul – daiz Papp

Pose 2nd pic – Vendors 6 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola

Sim in first pic – Bentham Isles South


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