What’s my alt wearing? Episode 4: EXPELLIARMUS!

OHAI! I actually really wanted to do a post about a penis but what with the last post being my kid av I thought that may be a lil bit unseemly. So welcome to my inbetween penis and kid av post and my 5th and final alt! Technically this is actually more of an original account than an alt (and she holds a rather illustrious 2004 rez date) but as I never play her, she’s an alt and I lovingly refer to her as The Pagester. She spent much of her time looking like a twat until I read Harry Potter, well… I actually read all the HP books in the space of a month and was OMGWTFBBQ excited about Harry Potter and promptly said to myself “OMG I CAN ROLEPLAY HARRY POTTER IN SECOND LIFE SQUEEEEEE” so I made her look sort of teenage and gawky which I kind of love and then… Never set foot in a Harry Potter sim.

You may rather see some sort of pattern emerging here but yes, chronic shyness had overcome me once again and now she just sits there (along with Cherry) taunting me with my lack of roleplaying funs. So that’s nice.


Skin (holy shit it’s not Curio) – Plain Jane Hundreds and Thousands (red brows) – Mynerva – Rhapzody Wilde

Eyes – Summer Wheat (old old hunt freebie) – Poetic Colours – Lano Ling

Hair – Grazia (copper) – Truth – Truth Hawks

Tee Shirt – Down the Shore tee (white) – Surf Co – Emma Gilmour

Shorts – Blue tartan knee shorts – :EmJay: (annoyingly it’s now closed apparently) – Magen Jigsaw

Shoes – PornStar Lo tops – UBU – Coke Dreadlow

Pose 1st pic – Love the way you lie – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop

Pose 2nd pic – Stand 7 – Frooti – Frooti Lemondrop

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