Teeny Tiny Foxface!

I’ve been meaning to blog this for bloody ages but I’ve been a fail in SL and a win in RL so it hasn’t got done, however TA DA!! The power of the easter holidays.

Now it may not look like the bestest avatar in the world but this baby wins extra points for being ridiculously tiny. Like, really tiny. See look, here’s me in Truth with my dearest darling face and I only come up to her ankle.

Ok, so maybe that’s her knee. The av comes in a buttload of colours which I can’t be arsed to show as I fell in love with the spotted one on sight, and also male and female parts. It also comes with collar, goggles and a tail wrap thing but as it’s teensy you can’t really mod your own stuff to accessorise it. However, it does work with your normal AO, which is pretty cool as it allows you to be fairly unique if you like that sort of thing. It also weighs in at 700L$ which is really good considering how much stuff you get with it, plus updates and all that good shiz.


SEC Micro fox is made by Thrice Skyward and can be found inworld here and on the Marketplace here

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