Summer Lovin’, happy at laaaaaaaaaaaaast

Ok, so it’s not particularly summer here in the UK, in fact April is more associated with rain and gloom. But the sun is out and therefore the entire country has gone doolally and people are wearing as little clothing as possible and eating ice cream because FUCK YOU WEATHER.

Speaking personally I don’t really like the whole “Lets go to the supermarket in a bikini” idea (true story, I used to work in a seaside town supermarket and people do lose all sense of decorum when they’re on holiday), much prefering to be more or less covered and still enjoy the sun. Yes, my legs are whiter than something that is very very white but it means I don’t need to shave, spray my legs with nasty smelling hair removal crap or flay my own skin in the name of beauty.

But Second Life is a very very different creature and you can have your legs out ALL YEAR LONG, which is nice. The top is part of an outfit from Bare Rose, which is still going strong and has 20 gazzillion releases a week, if you’re an exceptionally slutty person you can wear the top as a dress but I don’t know anyone who would do something so raunchy *shifty eyes*.


Skin – Curio Pout – Whine 2 Acorn (light) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Tragic Eyes (white – No shine) – Curio – Gala Phoenix

Hair – Alison (chocolate) – Truth – Truth Hawks

Top – Part of the Mimo outfit – Bare Rose – June Dion

Shorts -Greta Original – Mon Tissu – Anouk Spot

Flip Flops – Patteson Flip Flop (orange) – Reek – Riq Graves

Pose – 034 – Glitterati– Katey Coppola

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