What’s My Alt Wearing? Episode 1: Are mah balls showing?

Oh hello there! I’m meant to be writing a 1500 word report on counselling skills. But I’m not, instead I made a blog post, creative procrastination ftw.

So yes, this is my pretty boy, I want to be a man sometimes so hard it hurts. I want to pee up walls, and insert my penis into stuff and generally lark around in a manly way, so I made a man alt (actually I made him in 06 but he got a bit of a makeover recently), and because I’m so monumentally bored of Kitty I decided to start off a little series of blogging all my alts!


Skin – Ethan Tone 2 (shaved) – Sacred – Wavie Haller

Hair – Kar Dark Ash Brown – [Ego] – Ego Shuffle

Eyes – Rigor Mortis Eyes – Repulse – Max Lexigle

Face Tat – OMFG I MADE SOMETHING – Mah Non existent shop – ME!!!

Body Tat – Apocalypse – Para Designs – Vicky Werefox

Piercings – Reach – HoD – Aydan Darcy

Necklace – Edokin – :Sey: – risey Arai

Jacket – Buttoned Hoodie – :Sey: – risey Arai

Jeans – Low cut jeans torned (black) – Luck Inc – CK Winx

Boots – Long Combat Boots – Tonktastic – Tonk Tomcat

Pose (pic 1) – dz188 – Orucul – Daiz Papp

Pose (pic 2) – Pearls 3 – Glitterati – Katey Coppola



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Super Awesome Anti Copybot System

And the award for super sarcastic title goes to….. THIS BLOG POST!

I don’t know if anyone has heard of ZF Redzone, and I realise I’m a little late jumping on the hatewagon if you do, this revolutionary anti theft device that targets people with viewers not on the TPV list and bans the fuck out of them. Fandabbydozy you think, except I went to [Random Furniture Shop] today using my preferred viewer (the latest version of Imprudence) and it banned the crap out of me. Actually it did go one better, spam teleporting my av and eventually forcing an angry task manager shutdown. Excitingly they not only ban you, they ban all your alts, any alt you even think about making, your grandmother and her dog too. Just to be on the safe side. Alllsooooo they can (although they said they didn’t) ban you from the estates of the 8041 other ZF Redzone protected locations, so that’s super fun!

All exciting chat log, no screenies unfortunately. Sorry!

IM: zF RedZone v4.0.8: The land owner has chosen to remove you for using a viewer that is not currently known to the zF RedZone.  This is not a grid ban and may not be appealed.

You have been teleported home by the object ‘Estate Ban’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.
Teleport completed from [Random Furniture Shop]
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
You have been teleported home by the object ‘Estate Ban’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.
You have been teleported home by the object ‘Estate Ban’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.
You have been teleported home by the object ‘Estate Ban’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.
You have been teleported home by the object ‘zF RedZone v4.0.8’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.
You have been teleported home by the object ‘Estate Ban’ on the parcel ‘[Random Furniture Shop]’.

They didn’t actually tp me home with the first 40 attempts but they made up for that by hitting me with another 50 gazillion when I was at home forcing the TM smackdown.

So yes, while I’m all for stopping theft I rather feel like ZF Redzone is going a leeetle bit too far and also, intrusive much? While I’m quite happy for LL to have every single bit of info about me (right down to blood type and shoe size) I’m not so happy for the people with the retina burning website to have it. Also, I’m not entirely sure what they’re using because I got banned after Tie did (we’re running the same IP) but then any alts I went with subsequently were banned from even teleporting in.

So yeah, anyway. I’m a copybotter, woo.

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I will be a better blogger


OHAI! I’m really not very consistent am I? Well never mind, cos I found a super fun awesome nearly freebie so who cares!

It’s available on marketplace, it might be available inworld but I didn’t check cos I’m a slacker but it’s oodles of fun as my happy go lucky boy av is demonstrating!

Get it on marketplace here


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I ♥ Anime

I do, it’s true. When I saw this avatar, yes I should probably point out this IS an avatar. I wore the damn thing and I’m still confused by the photos. Anyhoo, when I saw it in The Dark Side Store I sort of fell in love, but I was absolutely terrified that it would be crap. For a start it looks like a 2D drawing especially on the box and I had no idea how that would work inworld but I eventually (after 5 minutes) plucked up the courage and bought it and holy crap on a weasel it’s bloody amazing. It’s awesome in the true meaning of the word. When you walk around it’s like a whole new SL and bugger me sideways it makes me hella happy.

As you can see the whole thing is cell shaded (something which I understand how to do in SL but still makes me go ‘woah’ everytime I see it, maybe I’m a bit simple) and it really works, and everything that you can see is prim, not one single part is avatar. Sometimes the hair is a bit unhappy with poses and the hands look a bit hmmmm on occasion but for the majority of the time it flows perfectly and is a work of art.


I looked at my pictures and decided they didn’t really do any justice to the avatar so I did a video too!



MARI AVATAR EVA 05 – The Dark Side Store – Jennyfer Ultsch


Movement 2 – Reel Expression – Luth Brodie

Vain 08 – Torrid Midnight (No inworld store but her stuff is super cheap on Marketplace

Sitting in a Z – [ANIMAH] (Now PERSONA I think) – Myllie Writer

Pose 049 – [Miseria] – Athena Loring

Sim in First Picture:



Plurky Blogger: Gone But Not Forgotten

This weeks theme was shops that are no longer in SL. There’s been a lot of big names leave SL for various reasons over the years. Some have come back in a different form, and some sadly will never come back. I rootled through my invy for ages looking for all the little ‘cool’ small shops, that I miss because often they left after a very short space of time and I miss not only their products, but the stuff they might have done.

From top to bottom:

Hair – Foam – Foam was a truely awesome shop whose creators were removed from the Main Grid for being underage. I don’t know if they’re back on the main grid yet but I really can’t wait to see them again!

Skin – Free Speerit – FS disappeared before and came back again so I’m hoping this is only a small hiatus.

Eye’s – Ozone – Ok, I admit I copped out with the eyes, cos I’ve never really worn them but they were in my invy and the shop was gone so woo.

Cardigan – Frustration Inc – I really really liked Finc for their bold colours and funky stuff, they were a bit like Ducknipple back in the day before it got all exciting.

Tank – Wintermoon – Arbel Vogel is one of the ones who’ve sort of reincarnated. She’s the owner of Fringe now, but I still love these old tanks she did!

Jeans – *FN* – These are actually capri’s with prim bits and I have no idea what the store was called other than the name that was on the folder.

Boots and Bag – Komeko/[NoLabel] – This shop was amazing, but after renaming the creator left. I properly regret not buying more colours of the boots

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Alysha Rennahan is doing a Plurky Blogger Theme thinger and the first one is Oldies But Goodies. Which naturally I jumped on as I live in the past and sooooooo….

I’m not going to do the usual SLurl thing cos some of these places are prolly gone/not selling this stuff anymore.

Hair is called Impulse and is from Naughty. I still love Naughty hair even though I don’t wear it very often. It still totally holds up in the world of sculpties.

The skin is Jessica – Smoky Bare – Golden from Cake. I was going to do Celestial Studios which I lived in from 2006-2009. I tried loads of different skins in this time but never stuck them for long and always went back to CS. DAMN YOU STARLEY MAKE SKINS. Anyhoo, Cake made very nice skins and as Willis already took CS I had Cake.

Eyes are from Pixeldolls and are called Avatar eyes, I only recently stopped using these eyes cos I’m really funny about the very very white white bits of eyes you get in SL. The avatar eyes were also win for coming in different sizes including super huge anime eyes size.

Coaty thing is the Gypsy Coat from Truth. Back when Truth was clothes and not OMG HAIR. I really didn’t like Truth’s hair but loved his clothes, he also made some of the best pre sculpty trainers. This coat made me feel all boho and funky and I wore it as much as I could get away with.

Tank top is Basic Tank from WRONG. I still wear this at least once a month. It’s got a lovely cut and is just nice and simple. I’ve not been to WRONG in ages but back in the day I used to spend all my money there.

Skirt is from the Yelena outfit by Last Call. All Dazzle/Last Call stuff was so amazingly textured and easy to mix and match. As with the tank top I do still wear this skirt from time to time.

Boots are the Shiny Things Old Lace Up Boots, which are kind of an institution these days. There should be a ‘My first love was Old Lace Up Boots’ group in SL. They are the SL equivilant to your favourite jeans, or a treasured necklace cos they invoke memories of stuff that happened while you were wearing the boots.

Aaaaaaaaand not forgetting the pose…. It’s by Luth Brodie and is Sex Sells 4. Luths shop is called Reel Expression now and I cannot remember what it used to be called when I bought this pose, hopefully someone will enlighten me. But nevermind, this pose still smoulders.

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The old in out, in out

Quick and dirty!

Hair – [SHAG] – Deep – Fawn (Sadie Aries)

Skin – Curio – June Raccoon 1 – Petal (Gala Phoenix)

Eyes also from Curio – Tragic Eyes – White (no shine) small (Gala Phoenix)

Shirt – Wintermoon – From the Suave set. This shop is now fringe and the set is no longer for sale, you could use the shirt from WWI though. (Arbel Vogel)

Belty top thing – N-Core – Part of an outfit (Claire Messenger)

Skirt – Y7 – Plain black skirt Teeny (Yenka Semyorka) (This store possibly doesn’t exist but Artilleri also do a nice mini skirt in black)

Tights – Blowpop – Fishnet Tights (Annyka Bekkers)

Boots – Sinistyle – Deception boots (Krius Misfit)

Bracelety things – MANDALA – Lotus chain bracelet and hand ring (kikunosuke Eel)

Pose – Taisaya AO – Cute pose 9 (Ran Peccable)

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